Highlights and resources from the 2nd day of Kaleidoscope 2017

Useful highlights and resources from the 2nd day of Kaleidoscope 2017

RECOUP – Cambridge:

Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP)

“You can browse the manual using RECOUP Wiki site” at the page  Qualitative Research Training Manual (Faculty of Education, Cambridge): [pdf] RECOUP_Manual.pdf


Routledge Series: edited by M. Arnot and C. Colclough Education, Poverty and International Development

BIBAC 2014 Conference (papers?)
BIBAC 2016 conference page

The site teacherknowledge  is site “based on a review of published research literature relating to ‘teacher knowledge’, initiated at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

Databases & search engines: ERIC, EBSCO, Google Scholar