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Kaleidoscope Conference 2017

Cambridge University 1-2 June 2017, Department of Education.

Interesting conference, particularly useful was the

Panel Discussion with Academics from the Cambridge Faculty of Education.

How can we produce research of international impact and what steps should we make to facilitate international collaborations between researchers?

Dr Olena Fimyar, Prof Pauline Rose, Prof Jan Vermunt

and then the workshop  “Who is my research for? Positioning ourselves as researchers” with James Underwood from Northhampton University.

I will look more closely at JURE

JURE is the network of Junior Researchers of EARLI. JURE is dedicated to the interests of all junior researchers in  the field of learning and instruction. Primary aim of JURE is to represent and support research students on matters that are of interest to them. Furthermore, learning and interaction among junior and senior researchers are significant goals for JURE

And PhD Cora Xu’s blog Transnational Education


Tools for Working with Audiovisual Data

Preparing Audiovisual Data for use with CAQDAS packages

For  “help in preparing and using different types of multimedia data with various CAQDAS packages.  The material discusses:

  1. using multimedia data in CAQDAS packages (codecs, streaming, synchronizing)
  2. preparing different file formats for the use in CAQDAS packages (images, audio files, video files)
  3. work-arounds for potential problems, when working with multimedia files in CAQDAS packages”

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